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5 thoughts on “Blog

  1. Hi John,

    All my photos are on Picasa (now Google+) rather than the website, so I use a wordpress plugin to pull in those images, called “Picasa and Google Plus Express”. It has a mode which keeps the Google+ tessellation of photos, which looks nice.


  2. I’ve just read the post about using a MacbookAir with LR on the road. That’s something I’ve been wondering about as well. Can I just clear something up, please? – you install the applications on the MBA drive, but store the data on the external drive? Or is there a way of installing the application on an external drive?

    • Hi Tom,

      Yes, application on MBA drive, photos etc on the external drive.

      It might be possible install the app on the external drive, but I’ve not tried that I’m afraid.

      All the best,

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